Thursday 25 March 2010

No shame...

...are the only two words that spring to mind today in connection with Pat Hewitt.

We learnt yesterday that she was taking advice from former Downing Street communication director David Hill on how to handle the fallout from ‘lobbygate’.

I doubt he’ll be telling her simply to apologise and stop doing whatever it is that she’s doing.

Instead we learn that she is going to take yet another directorship with Eurotunnel.

This is on top of the positions that she already has with Boots, BT, Cinven and Barclays.

On top of that she still hasn’t revealed whether she is going to turn down her “golden goodbye” resettlement grant – worth £54,000.


Anonymous said...

Why don't we boycott, publicly by campaign, Boots, Eurotunnel, Barclays, Cinven and BT?

Everywhere there is an alternative.

Maybe something for Guido or OH?

Can you hear me, Maggie Broon, can we give your boys and girls a Helluva Kicking?

gj said...

I agree, the Chairman and Boards of these companies have to understand the public's view of employing these thieving & lying politicians - it reflects incredibly badly on the company.
Boycott them all - teach them a lesson

Unknown said...

With the power of the internet we could easily arrange a consumer led campaign. Even if it was just masses of emails to customer services of these companies threatening to take our business elsewhere.
Come on people, we can change things.

Anonymous said...

Just emailed both Boots and Eurotunnel threatening to boycott their services. It's not much I know but it's better than doing nothing at all.

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