Wednesday 28 April 2010

The empty chair in Ashfield

Labour seemed to be in confusion today after the candidate who was going to speak on behalf of Gloria De Piero at an Ashfield hustings also pulled out of the event.

Andrew Clayworth, the PPC standing against Ken Clarke in Rushcliffe, had agreed to stand in for De Piero at the hustings after the Ashfield candidate turned her back on the event.

She had claimed it was more beneficial to spend time knocking on doors, rather than debating things out with rivals at the hustings.

I suppose she felt she had more to lose by turning up than by not.

Yesterday Clayworth said he would attend to defend Labour’s record in De Piero’s absence.

That suggested to me that at least some people in the party thought De Peiro was making the wrong move by avoiding the event.

But this morning things rapidly changed. Labour officially began denying they had ever promised a replacement would come.

Meanwhile Clayworth said the issue had been taken “out of his hands” and that he had been “stood down”.

I interviewed De Piero a few weeks back and found her to be an interesting person with something to say, ready for the election battle.

It’s disappointing she’s not prepared to take on the fight – particularly in a seat where so many people have so many things to say about the way they have been governed.

As it stands at the hustings tonight – from which I’ll run a live twitter feed – Labour will be represented by an empty chair.


Mick Turatian said...

Perhaps Peppa can fill the empty chair?

Anonymous said...

She should have gone into porn instead

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WB Land said...

I agreed with you.

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