Thursday 8 April 2010

Press conference shenanigans...

Labour launched another aggressive attack on the Tories’ tax plans at a press conference this morning.

The thing is, I couldn’t quite tell how things were different from the last ‘aggressive attack press conference’ they had a week or so ago.

Actually, I take that back. There were two differences – this time Gordon was there instead of Liam Byrne and Darling’s hair was purple. Really, it was purple.

I believe it was because there was lots of purple lighting, and Darling’s hair simply reflected it – sort of in the same way that a piece of tofu takes on the taste of whatever you mix it with.

Anyhow, the gist of what they were saying was that the Tories’ sums didn’t add up concerning the proposed NI cut – yet we weren’t left any clearer on where Labour’s cuts are going to come either.

The party to come up with the most convincing sounding answer to questions on their figures will take the election I suppose.

Cameron meanwhile changed the tone and announced his National Citizens Service. It all goes with his move away from the Broken Britain agenda and back towards ‘blue sky thinking’.

He even gave the green light for kids to get more trollied than they already are on their 18th birthdays – very progressive of him.

“In our society the closest thing to a rite of passage is getting drunk on your eighteenth birthday.

“Of course we have all done that – but I think we can do a lot more.”

Vodka jelly is the way, I say.


Oldrightie said...

Very gallant press attack on Sam. Can't have she being an asset, can we. Not like Sarah Thunder Thighs.

Lobbydog said...


Ewan said...

can't believe they got the lighting so wrong, was hard to take Darling seriously with a purple rinse

Richard T said...

So presumably it's OK for 18 year olds to dress up in strange gear and trash restaurants? As long as daddy can pay for the damage of course.

Anonymous said...

Cameron will pump his National Citizens Service at Aberdeen talking to the four people in the Scottish Conservative at their annual picnic.

Jeez, does the man really understand the great unwashed and potential votes.

Errrr, don't think so.

He also flew by helicopter over 11 constituencies yesterday. Apart from the fact that the carbon footprint of that stunt is worth more in KG of CO2 that they are likely to garner in votes in Scotland, it looks so like Bush flying over New Orleand in AF 1 wondering what were these funny ants doing down below shaking their fists at him.

The man hasn't a clue and the polls in Scotland will back this up in May.

Cameron may take England but he has a snowball's chance of getting above 3 MPs (tops) in Scotland. My money would be on 1 or 3

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