Tuesday 27 April 2010

A surrogate De Piero

Tomorrow night I’m going to a hustings in Ashfield where Geoff Hoon’s replacement, Gloria De Piero, is defending a Labour majority.

But while the other party’s candidates have agreed to turn up De Piero has refused. It’s at least the second hustings she has turned her back on.

She obviously feels she has more to lose than the other candidates and more to lose by turning up, than by not.

But rather than negating the event, it has led to it becoming even more interesting.

The Labour party itself seems to want someone to turn up and defend the Government’s record.

They are putting up another person to go to the hustings after hearing of De Piero’s refusal.

As I understand it the Labour PPC who is standing against Ken Clarke in Rushcliffe will travel north for the night and argue on De Piero’s, and Labour’s, behalf.

The other parties are bound to use the whole farce as an attack weapon, making for riveting viewing.

I’ll be doing a live twitter feed from 7pm – look forward to seeing you then.


TimJB said...

Just goes to show that in some constituencies you can put a red rosette on a donkey and it will get elected! Personally were I one of the other candidates I would spend a great deal of time mocking the surrogate candidate and tell him to worry about his own constituency. I would certainly not debate with him on the grounds that his opinions are irrelevant for this constituency. If the people of Ashfield really do elect this arrogant woman it says all you need to know about the mindless tribalism of the Labour core vote.

Martin S said...

"Hello. My name is Damien Barking-Madd. I am a Labour candidate in the forthcoming General Election. I am hear tonight to ahh... well, dash it all, I'm not entirely certain why I'm here, as you can't vote for me. Because whilst I am a candidate, I am not your candidate. If you see what I mean. Your candidate is... oh... sorry! Can't quite recall her name. If you have never met her, don't worry! Her name will be on the ballot paper, with any luck."

Anonymous said...

I suppose substituting in a packet of lard would be just too Hattersly. How about a jar of olives?

Anonymous said...

A pair of well-inflated balloons would seem appropriate.

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