Wednesday 25 August 2010

Ed's swipe at David

Here is the full text of Ed Miliband’s latest snipe at his brother, as the fight between them for the Labour leadership hots up.

Ed clearly insinuates that his brother David is 'too New Labour'.

"There is clearly an honest disagreement about the future of the Labour Party and different views about the scale of change needed to take Labour back to power. It is a genuine debate about the direction we must take.

"I will keep campaigning on my message that Labour must change to win, and that change must be real and fundamental. Remaining in the new labour comfort zone would consign us to opposition.

"It is important that the next Labour leader understands the scale of the challenge to bring back the 5 million voters Labour have lost since 1997.

"We need to change in order to attract all of these lost voters back to Labour, and that includes the 1.6m voters we lost to the Liberal Democrats, and it also means attracting back the 3 million working families whose votes we lost, as well as the more affluent voters.

"To do that, we have to change. We have to change on the economy, on civil liberties and ID cards, and on tuition fees.

"And we need change our approach to politics, building a party which is a movement, open to new ideas and prepared to listen as well as lead. Staying in the New Labour comfort zone will not allow us to reconnect with those we lost."

What does David have in return?

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