Monday, 23 August 2010

Pay them to defect!

I was wondering this morning what colour mischief-maker was spreading the rumours about Liberal Democrat defectors over the weekend.

The rumour mill was already grinding on Friday – I ran into a Lib Dem communications man running into the press gallery to start throwing denials around.

Apparently a rumour that Charles Kennedy was going to defect sprouted from an American website and was then picked up over here.

Either way the whole thing whiffed of dirty tricks during silly season. Stories in this morning’s paper about Ed Miliband saying he’d put out the welcome mat for defectors do nothing to change the impression.

Andy Burnham’s suggestion of how Labour should be wooing Lib Dem switchers – by subsidising their party membership fees – was particularly comical.

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Anonymous said...

Everything poor Andy does is comical. Lovely guy, absolutely useless as a leader.

I imagine some half wit in Labour actually started it without considering that, when it didn't happen it would all look a bit sily.....

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