Friday 20 August 2010

Hoon didn't order it...

Lobbydog gave his old chum Geoff Hoon a call this morning to see what he had to say about the £272,000 spent on artwork for the MoD during his tenure as Defence Secretary.

It was part of a larger refurbishment of the MoD’s Whitehall HQ in 2004, but also came as the country was fighting wars in which troops were chronically under-funded and under-equipped.

The cash was blown on eight pieces of modern art – since nicknamed ‘modern fart’ by MoD staff according to The Sun who reported the story today.

Hoon told Lobbydog: “I doubt that I ordered it. I certainly was not aware that I ordered it.”

I imagine these words have come in handy for Hoon in the various inquiries he’s had to give evidence at.

Next stop the Dr David Kelly inquest.


Anonymous said...

What a complete hoon.

Decent men were sent to their deaths by this piece of crap that usually charges "around £2,000 a day" for his services.

Did yu ever find out if the greedy little thicko actually took his resettlement money?

Richard T said...

You'll know better than me but has Mr Hoon ever accepted that he did anything? Except manipulate the expense system when he was in a free flat of course - no silly me he didn't do that either.

Lobbydog said...

Alas, no. Everything he did was "completely within the rules".

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