Tuesday 14 September 2010

Gloria is watching...

I have to admit being surprised when I heard the stories about Kay Burley having written a book with thinly veiled references to “well known” public figures.

Not surprised because the references were so thinly veiled, but taken aback by news that Burley had managed to write a book.

Fiction is something that requires subtlety and nuance isn’t it? Burley often demonstrates on Sky News that she has about as much of those things as a rhinoceros.

The three main characters are women who vie for the affections of a Prime Minister – one of whom, a feisty journalist, apparently bares similarities to Notts MP Gloria De Piero.

When I tweeted at De Piero this morning to see if she was aware of what was going on she replied “my lawyers are watching”.


Matt Wardman said...

Does the character in the book dodge Press Conferences ;-?

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