Wednesday, 25 May 2011

Clarke in the news again....

When faced with undeniable accusations that you fell asleep during what was arguably the most significant political speech of the year there is really only one thing to do – make light of it.

That is what Rushcliffe MP Ken Clarke did earlier this year when he fell asleep while George Osborne tried to set out his strategy for economic growth during the Budget Day speech.

He laughed off the jeers from the Labour benches, even when Ed Miliband said: “Indeed the Justice Secretary fell asleep during the Chancellor's speech, his growth strategy was so compelling."

So it was no surprise that the official line coming from Clarke’s office after he was caught nodding off during Barack Obama’s speech was just a little tongue in cheek.

“He was not asleep, it seems he was just living the American dream,” a spokesman told me earlier. Classic.

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