Tuesday 14 October 2008

Ken slates super-Gord

Big hitter Ken Clarke has become one of the first Tories to launch a proper broadside at the PM over his handling of the bank crisis.

In an interview with the website e-politix he called Brown "pathetic" for claiming he was helping to solve the crisis when actually, says Ken, he was "panicked" into action.

Regardless of its justification, it makes a change in tone to the "super-Gord" notes circulating in the national press.

But it's also interesting in the context of Ken's touted return to the front bench.

If moves are afoot it may be that Cameron's using Ken and his stature to try and rain on Gordon's parade - at very least he is acquiescent.

Dave tried to gently tackle the PM on his performance last week but couldn't make it sit comfortably with his we'll-get-through-this-together stance.

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