Wednesday 15 October 2008

Tories allow Gord credit

Tory website ConservativeHome had a briefing on Dave's strategy for tackling the Government on the financial crisis last night.

It seems that the Blues are reconciled to Gord getting credit for saving the banks. They even admit they expect their polls lead to drop into single digits.

They are supposedly going to wait until the buzz over his bank plan dies down and then concentrate their attacks on the economy as recession bites.

They will hammer home the message that the economy's wider problems are deeply rooted in Gordon's policies over the last ten years.

Giving the PM room to stand in the lime-light may be risky, you only need to look at PMQs from last week to see how such a strategy weakened Cameron.

There will be those who feel the Tories should be going on the offensive. Scroll down to see the earlier post on Notts’ own big beast and his attack on Brown.

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