Friday 5 December 2008


A balls-up by DfT lawyers working under Notts MP Geoff Hoon could see the entire British bio-fuels industry go to the wall.

The claim, reported in the Independent, is being made by industry bodies which reckon firms could be wiped out as early as April 2009.

When drafting the new law regulating the biofuels industry the lawyers omitted the current requirement for oil firms to include 2.5% of bio-fuels in their overall supply to UK motorists.

The fear from the biofuels industry is that if oil companies don’t have to buy up their produce, they won’t. Indeed oil companies could save millions by taking advantage of the loophole.

Meanwhile those firms who were producing bio-diesel and bio-ethanol for a known market and a known volume of 2.5% of UK sales have seen the reason for their existence disintegrate.

There have been emergency meetings this week. Could biofuels be to Hoon what Iraq was to… er, Hoon?

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Anonymous said...

It's only a matter of time before Hoon puts his foot in it again.

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