Monday 1 December 2008

On the up

Ever since his sacking from the Tory front bench Newark MP Patrick Mercer has refused to fade away.

If anything his departure made him a more prominent voice from the Tory benches as it gave him the space to speak freely, unburdened by strict adherence to party lines.

He has been the opposition MP of choice for journalists doing stories on anything to do with national security.

Now he has been given the chairmanship of a new parliamentary sub-committee on counter terrorism, news first talked of on Lobbydog.

With an official position to give his comments more weight, we will only be hearing more from the former Sherwood Forester.

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Anonymous said...

Let’s face it, if truth be told, the reason why Mercer didn’t fade away and is unlikely to do so is because regardless of his "crass", callous and insensitive rhetoric referring to the Dunblane massacre of 16 primary school children and their teacher and the plight of the black and ethnic minority soldiers suffering racism Mr Mercer is likely protected by his crony friends in high places.

Well, according to defence of the realm blog Mercer is more of a "rent-a-quote" than the choice for journalists and I think he only does it in order to gain exposure and indeed we will be hearing more from the former army intelligence officer that denied he was a member of the FRU but admitted contact with the FRU.

"Mercer has demonstrated in his public statements that he is well-versed in the FRU's barbaric activities, even argued they were justified" cryptome.org.

Think on this: Patrick Mercer was chairman of the Commons defence committee and privy to intelligence briefings from the Ministry of Defence and likely aware of the warning given by intelligence chiefs.

"Any collapse of the Iraqi regime would increase the risk of chemical and biological warfare technology or agents finding their way into the hands of terrorists, including al-Qaida.".

He voted for War, and from that and the expected backlash of terrorist attack, he unlike the soldiers and the people of Iraq did thrived, he became a somebody, in the face of the collapse of the Iraqi regime and possibility of chemical and biological warfare on the people of this country, that only ever wanted peace, he became the choice for journalists doing stories on anything to do with national security. "If we want peace, we must vote for war", said Patrick Mercer.

I’m afraid for many of us that "peace" will be the peace used on gravestones RIP.

I know, too intense for Lobbydog, delete erase obliterate. Give the lobby dog a bone.

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