Thursday 18 December 2008

Police politics ditched

Plans to make police authorities directly elected have been binned.

It's a kick in the balls for the Government and Jacqui Smith who looked like they might ignore everyone's advice and push on blindly.

It'll also be interesting to see what Vernon Coaker has to say about the whole thing.

He was vehemently defending the idea not a week ago.

The question now - if they can turn on this, then on what else?


Windsor Tripehound said...

Clearly it's all Boris's fault, and nothing to do with it being an ill-conceived idea in the first place.

IanPJ said...

Political control over the Police Authorities is the bad idea.

Having directly elected Chief Constables which would be totally apolitical is the way forward.

This would allow the public to decide the way in which they wish to be policed in their localities, and for those CC's who do not meet the standards or approval of the public get voted out.

However, what we are seeing in Jacqui Smith's U-turn is the tail wagging the dog, as highlighted by Douglas Carswell on http://www.talkcarswell.com/ this morning, with the Association of Chief Police Officers (ACPO is a private limited company, exempt from the FOI Act) dictating its own agenda to the Home Office.

Perhaps this article will open a few eyes as to what is going on behind the scenes with the ACPO.

Anonymous said...

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