Tuesday 16 December 2008

Tipping piles in

Transport Secretary Geoff Hoon has come under fire from another fellow Notts Labour MP today.

Paddy Tipping chided the Government for cocking-up the new law controlling energy companies.

Department for Transport lawyers omitted the current requirement for oil firms to include 2.5% of bio-fuels in their overall supply to UK motorists.

Oil companies will now probably choose to save a packet by not bothering to buy up the fuels.

Tipping said: "The effect of this error has been to threaten the viability of UK companies and in some cases to put them out of business.

"From the Government’s own records, these companies are the very ones that would have delivered high levels of carbon saving.”

A newly invigorated Alan Simpson is also nipping at the heels of Hoon over Heathrow's third runway.

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