Monday 15 December 2008

Portillo on Ken Clarke's bottom

I never thought I'd write that in a headline.

Portillo did a piece in The Sunday Times yesterday looking at the pros and cons of bringing Ken back.

He wrote: "He has what his party’s front bench apparently lacks: 'Bottom', that combination of independent-mindedness, experience and gravitas that makes people listen and trust."

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Bent Society said...

We really could do with a better quality of politician in Nottingham than these self-celebrating narcissistic and self-interested degenerate juvenile toads.

No wonder the police are allowed to be a bunch of bully boys, whimps, buck-passers and ineffective CV building buffoons! No wonder the Community Safety Partnership can think of nothing better than sticking punterizing posters and signs up everywhere - including those about the complete scam-quackery ineffective product Smartwater (run by ex-policemen of course!). No wonder the city council feel brazen enough that they go and spend tax payers money on a 100 ft luxury yacht for their private use in Cannes.

It's time to fight back against this total nonsense and corruption and all the old-school bent politicians who have facilitated it.


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