Monday 8 December 2008

Simpson and Hoon square up

Geoff Hoon may have to keep watch over his shoulder – the row over Heathrow's third runway is getting closer to home.

The Transport Secretary announced last week that he would take the decision on the runway without giving the Commons a vote – suggesting he thinks it might be controversial.

But now it looks like those Labour MPs opposing the runway – possibly working with the opposition – will try and force a vote.

Nottingham South's rebel Alan Simpson, who has never been afraid of giving the Government a kick when needs be, freely admits he's against the plan.

He told Lobbydog today that Hoon, Ashfield MP, would be wise not to expand Heathrow.

When asked whether he was afraid that such a rebellion would damage the Government Simpson said: "You can say that it would be damaging.

"But for those of us that believe that a permanent shift in Government policy is needed, it would be less damaging to do nothing."

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