Tuesday 9 December 2008

Darling to face tougher challenge?

Can MPs on the Treasury Select Committee please twist the thumb-screws on Alistair Darling tomorrow?

If what one member of the committee tells Lobbydog is right, it should be a little tougher than last time the Chancellor sat in front of them.

On that occasion he got more of a light simmering than a grilling, as Chair John McFall opted to read out questions sent in by the public rather than let his members fully probe Darling.

Tomorrow, when they quiz him on the PBR, we can expect members to ask what his 'plan B' is if the fiscal stimulus falls flat, as some have said it may.

They will also ask if he's going to get any tougher with banks in forcing them to lend and why so many people are saying his forecasts are too optimistic.

We all know select committees don't have huge teeth, but they can still make a spectacle.


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