Wednesday 10 December 2008

Jar therapy

There was a time when Margaret Beckett must have had a jar in the bottom draw of her desk which, at the end of each day, she opened when no-one was around, whispered into it what she really thought and then tightly screwed the lid back on – packing it away relieved.

Only that way does Lobbydog believe the Housing Minister could have held her tongue while giving the guarded answers she is so known for.

This conclusion was reached after hearing from a Labour MP that Mrs Beckett voted against Michael Martin at every stage of the ballot to elect the Speaker eight years ago – believing him unsuitable.

But she still managed to point out in recent days, albeit through gritted teeth, that it was a tradition for MPs not to criticize the Speaker.

The MP from Derby had also previously said the Government was not, and never had been, tied to building any number of eco-towns – a confusing statement for anyone who has followed the story and one possibly leaving her in need of some jar therapy.

But Lobbydog now fears the jar may be full, after the minister made an uncharacteristic slip the other day – highlighting that a bank thought a Government mortgage help-package might only help 9,000 families.

It may also have been a lack of anywhere else to put her thoughts that led her to “do a Flint” and flash some private papers while walking into Downing Street recently.

Either way, the Prime Minister can’t be happy with it all.


Anonymous said...

Welcome to the blogospere! I liked the idea of Beckett whispering secrets into a jar. Interesting to hear she has never liked Martin. I met her when she was a young MP in 1884 when she was a member of he Campaign Group and hot for 'accountability of the leadership' to the rank and file. She soon shed thatnonsense as the prospect of office advanced.

Not a sheep said...

When did Margaret Beckett say that "the Government was not, and never had been, tied to building any number of eco-towns"? I don't doubt that she said it, it's just that I never read it anywhere.

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