Monday, 9 February 2009

Hoon wriggles

Hoon looks uncomfortable while Shami gets emotional.


Oldrightie said...

Hoon is a buffoon, with more arrogance about him than almost any Tory you ever met!

Andy said...

Yeah but its the worst kind of arrogance, its learnt. Someone taught him it at some assertiveness course somewhere. He wasn't born with it like the tories ;-D

Trident said...

I don't normally watch the moron box, but admire Shami so thought I would catch this.

For the first time in years I was cheering at the TV - at the complete public destruction/humiliation of a politician, by a passionate and intellectual libertarian.

More please... said...

Excelent Shami. I would like to see a house of commons or scottish parliament full of people like her. Thats whats wrong, Tory/Lib/Lab, all just different branches of the one big club. adversarial on the floor gin and tonics in annies bar.

What happened to the politics of protest and debate? Has it been sidelined and neutered into a media club where only the really sneaky or those who havent lived work or are selected?
If you look at the standards of the socalled "political classes", even got their own class system to alienate from the hoi paloi. The average party selectee has to have no brain, nod like a dog, leave their morals and constituents at the door and act in unparelled sycophancy, just look at Labours lot in Scotland, Rammi "Shoot to kill" okasha,Kezia "I wanna be elected" Dugdale and that iratating guy yousuf
More reall people please, not arrogant cnuts like hoon, I hope he answers for the deaths that lordship got him. One day he will!

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