Thursday 26 February 2009

We sh*t on Russian gas

Bored of moaning in the usual ways, the Austrians have come up with new methods of expressing their contempt of the powers that be.

These two holiday snaps show carnival floats from a festival in the village of Gratkorn earlier this week.

The first refers to the Russian gas crisis. Notice the pipe coming out of the man’s trousers.

Roughly translated it means "We sh*t on Russian gas - that's why were collecting every fart."

This one is sardonic saying "payouts are only for bankers". But the word "bankster" is a play on the word "gangster".

Seems there is one thing, anger at folly, which unites the EU after all.


Oldrightie said...

The EU people are very united against the rubbish that the corrupt, fraudulent basta**s have created. The unrest throughout Europe is building nicely. I wonder what will provide the ignition spark? It may well be Goodwin here in The UK.

Anonymous said...

There has been a general strike in Guadeloupe for over a month.

The overseas Department of France is up in arms against monopolistic suppliers of goods into the island and a cost of living even higher than Metropolitan France. It is economic colonialism.

The fear, or for some the hope, is this is a dress rehearsal for a summer of discontent in Paris and all the main cities in France.

The Greeks are already knocking lumps out of the local Gerdarms, Ireland is taking to the streets and the Portuguese will not be far behind, along with the Spanish.

I just wish the Brits had a little more Action Directe and dump this pox of a political party called ZaNuLiebore into a huge septic tank before the Metropolitan Stasis get total control of the people and all dissent will be met 42 day detention orders, passport confiscation, e-mail rights being withdrawn and children being trained to dub up their parents etc

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