Wednesday 25 February 2009

I need cash to get home!

Dear Mr Straw,

My name is Lobbydog and I am a British journalist stranded in Europe.

I was walking around Austria when my wallet was stolen and so I have not been able to access my bank.

Please can you rescue me by sending £2billion as quickly as possible - cash rather than shares in any banks would be preferred.

See you in the morning lobbydoggies...


The Filthy Engineer said...

Dear Mr Lobbydog,

Due to the freedom of information act this would mean that my bank account details would be available.

respectfully then I ask you to piss off

Yours faithfully

J. Straw

Member of the most honourable order of Hypocrites

Oldrightie said...

Is that the £2 billion Gordo keeps in his trouser pocket for sweeties for the kiddies?

subrosa said...

Back from strudel-land then LD? Lucky man that you are to afford a European holiday. It may well be your last for a few years at this rate.

Andy said...

I think JS is in Nottm tomorrow opening our Speakers' Corner. Might be worth popping down with my camera.

I might even take minutes...

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