Tuesday 24 February 2009

House of Straw

"There is a balance to be struck between openness and maintaining aspects of our structure of democratic government."
Absolutely right Jack - and the reason those Iraq minutes should be released.
Who was it who said that while Freedom of Information was "inconvenient and at times embarrassing," it was right because, "government belongs to the people, not to the politicians."
Step forward, Gordon Brown.
Obviously a very differnt style of government from the Cabinet government which Jack Straw believes would be serious damaged by the publication of these minutes.

Thought it was too good to be true!
Angry Ferret.


subrosa said...

Well said AF, but I doubt if public protest will make any impact on this uk government.

Is LD back yet or is he still tanning himself in some distant land where SP 25 or more is necessary?

Alan Smart said...

Jack Straw is a nob. But even if he wanted to, he could not publish. He'd end up dead ("suicide") in a wood whilst waking his dog were he do anything other than what he has done.

Shame on him, shame on the Tories. Cameron's position should have been, still could be " we will publish if we win" Worth a good few votes I reckon - the only good reason for voting tory I've ever heard

And I don't think DC has got a dog

Davidwilley said...

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