Monday 9 March 2009

Does Mandy think Labour can't win?

It feels like Mandy let slip yesterday that he doesn’t think Labour will win the next election.

He was on Marr sending a message to Labour MPs rebelling against the part-privatisation of Royal Mail, to be debated this week.

“I think people should look at what we’re proposing as a Government and see it as a much better deal for the Royal Mail and those who work in it than anything any alternative Government would have to offer.”

He added: “We have tried again and again as a Government to find the right way forward and frankly we have not succeeded.

“I think this is the last throw of the dice for this Government in trying to find an acceptable consensual way forward.”

It stands to reason that if an “alternative” Government is in power, Labour won’t be.

He’s saying, “support my package or the Tories will come in and privatise the whole shebang.”

A part from suggesting Labour won’t win, the threat ignores the fact many Labour rebels fear he is actually trying to privatise the whole thing himself


Oldrightie said...

He's not been speaking to the Glenrothes vote riggers. They are also the second line of defense if Hain's "assuming there is an election next year" quote is the first defense line.

Events dear boy, events said...

You should be able to find out what Mandy thinks from your vantage point. The answer is obvious, not from what he said yesterday but from who he is not rubbishing for the leadership. Hint hint!

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