Wednesday 29 April 2009

Comedy gem at PMQs

Can someone get that on Youtube please?

Just when I thought it was going to end on a dull note the PM delivered a classic Brown moment.

PMQs had ended and the Speaker called the Prime Minister to make the next statement.

But Brown, not thinking I guess, had already started to walk out the Chamber.

He then realised the Speaker meant him and quickly turned around to come back.

He tried to pretend he'd just been walking along the bench to look at papers.

But the moment was sealed - much to the enjoyment of the opposite benches.


Henry North London 2.0 said...

http://is.gd/vlfB Is the link to the video

The House erupts Laughed myself silly

Farzaneh Haghayeghi said...

Intra proposals re the MP’s expenses made by the PM obviously are evidently not adequate enough to make the right impact at the moment, in the light of all other going ones. I wonder if this is a new scenario or was it always the case, that the MPs, should we say....., misused the tax payer’s money? If I remember correctly in the 70s also this issue of MP’s expenses was addressed and it was a public knowledge then that MPs earned a high salary and were claiming massive unnecessary fringe benefits. So I like to say, what is new now...? Although the public will be pleased to know if something would be done about it. That is if the MPs allow it.

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