Wednesday 29 April 2009

MPs to leaders: Stop playing games with expenses

Unwanted news for the PM this morning – a group of MPs, including some from Labour, has tabled an amendment which would scupper his expenses plans.

The Commons Standards and Privileges Committee amendment – to be voted on tomorrow – will say any changes to the expenses regime should wait for the completion of the Kelly Review.

But the PM, as we know, has gone out on a limb to try and get changes immediately.

Notts Labour MP Paddy Tipping told Lobbydog: “MPs’ expenses are paid by Parliament and a decision should be made by Parliament.

“There is a feeling that all the leaders of the political parties are looking to make short term gains talking about interim solutions.

“But we want a comprehensive long term solution in place that inspires public confidence.”

He didn’t accept the amendment was a challenge to Brown’s authority. I wonder if Gordon will see it that way.

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Jive5 said...

I'm getting bored of all these expenses stories. At then end of the day he was just trying to do what the public and the rest of MPs have been asking.

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