Thursday 21 May 2009

More paperwork for Lobbytroll

Sorry for the lack of bloggage recently. Truth is I've become a sort of reclusive paper troll.

Spending long hours sitting in the corner of MPs' offices sorting through endless piles of claim forms and receipts.

I'm doing more of the same today - The Daily Telegraph must've had an army working on their investigation.

I haven't found a great deal among the receipts of various backbenchers I've been going through yet.

One renovated his bathroom for £4,000 another bought a flat screen TV for £750 - but after what we've seen that doesn't raise an eyebrow.


Anonymous said...

Will The Telegraph pay if you find something juicy they missed?!

subrosa said...

How tedious LD. Do hope you're able to claim your lunch on expenses.

Anonymous said...

What sort of a bathroom needs £4,000 to renovate it?

Perhaps it involved the installation of some special equipment to wash away the sleaze, slime and muck raked up by the DT?

Bent Society said...

I see the tally of MP kights of the realm fiddling their expenses is currently 4 (see:http://nastyknights.blogspot.com/ )

Will the be de-knighted I wonder?

Bent Society said...

Did the establishment try to cover up the Kirkbride scandal for ten peculiar days? See:


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