Thursday 28 May 2009

Mistake and Kidney

How in the name of jumping jehosifa did Stafford MP David Kidney not notice hundreds of pounds extra in his bank account?

Everyone loses track of their finances sometimes, but Kidney’s case defies belief.

I only highlight it because I had the chance to flick through some of his claim forms – which were in terrible disorder – while a regional hack colleague investigated them more thoroughly.

Without that person’s keen eye and maths the “mistake” – that he was paid three times for one council tax bill and twice for one water bill – would have been missed.

The Telegraph seemed to overlook his case at first.

It was only after this hack hounded Kidney that the Labour MP took the case to the fees office, who confirmed the hack’s suspicion.

The fees office told Kidney in a letter:

“I have now had an opportunity to review your claims and can confirm that your council tax bill for 2007-08 has indeed been paid on three occasions.

In reviewing the documentation it has also become clear that your water bill for 2007-08, to the value of £290.80, was also paid twice.”

How did it take them so long to work out and why didn’t Kidney, who has now paid money back, realise there was so much extra cash on his bank statement?


BigBossMan said...

Good to have you back LD.

Anonymous said...

This is an offal situation... seems like his claims are mostly just pie in the sky... I hope he's going to be pudding it right now.

Plato said...

For the liver of me - I've lost my tongue :)

Anonymous said...

The cheek of the man, has he no brains? Talking a load of tripe about his "innocent" mistake. He deserves a kick in the scrotum and bouncing out of Parliament for keeping his snout in the trough.

McGonagall said...

Have a heart - it might all be bollocks - but we should make sure he doesn't have a leg to stand on before venting our spleen.

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