Friday 29 May 2009

You know who you are and I'm watching you

Lobbydog has learnt of an MP who has been haranguing other members not to release their expense documents to the press before those of all MPs are officially put into the public domain.

You have to remember that most of the 646 MPs have still not been covered in detail.

I would name the individual, but for respect for my source who gave the information strictly off the record.

But know that I’ll be going through this person's expenses with a fine comb when they eventually come out.


subrosa said...

Oh LD how intriguing. Check everything three times won't you?

Unknown said...

Dear Mr Dog

Do tell now! I am going on holiday on Tuesday and don't want to rack up big bucks (£500+ last time) on roaming data on my iPhone...

So, spill the beans on the horrible little man. Yes, you know it will be a man. But not John Mann, I suspect.

Anonymous said...

Scoundrels, one and all. One may be more duplicitous, but the others have no back bone.

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