Friday 29 May 2009

New Labourette learnt young – policy beats presentation

I hated over-competitive kids at school. You could always spot them at the annual Halloween party.

While everyone else wore a witch’s hat and cape, there was always one who’d get a costume professionally made – with red ink squirting from a fake cut or something.

Georgia Gould – Lord Gould's daughter who was caught in Tessa Jowell’s (non-existent) bribe scandal – may’ve been just one of those kids.

After failing to get nominated to fight a parliamentary seat the London bred New-Labourette has now been chosen to fight Camden’s Kentish Town Ward in forthcoming local elections.

The Camden New Journal reports:

Former classmates said her interest in politics has not been whipped up overnight.

“When she was 15, she ran in the school’s mock general election with Alex Birtles, the daughter of Patricia Hewitt,” said one.

“They had their Labour Party posters printed at Millbank, when everyone else was using clip art and felt tip. They still didn’t win because the Green Party candidates promised to legalise cannabis.”


subrosa said...

There should be a law saying nobody under 30 gets into Westminster LD. I'm totally against this from an age point of view plus of course, the nepotism.

Oldrightie said...

As ever, I'm with Subrosa. She's just a daddy's girl seeking his approbration.

Lobbydog said...

You two... like pees in a pod.

Anonymous said...

You have to ask what she would bring to debates. What experience, what knowledge of the world outside the very special part of it in which she has lived as the daughter of a Lord.

Of course it could be asked what on earth does old Douglas Hogg or the Duck man bring to politics from their rather special backgrounds.

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