Thursday 18 June 2009


The amount of information that has been “redacted” (I hate that word) from the MPs’ claim forms and receipts is scandalous.

Having seen un-redacted copies of some MPs’ documents I can say there is a lot of information, written notes and so on, that allows people to get a full picture of what is happening.

As it is many of these documents pose more questions than they answer.

No-one wants to see an MP’s secretary’s bank details, so redact them. But at least the post-code of an MP’s address should be published to check for flipping.

Everything else should have been published.

Sadly Parliament missed the opportunity again to be totally honest about all this, and it is left up to the Daily Telegraph to put the truth out there.


Anonymous said...

Is 'redacted' a made up word? I'd never heard it before it began to be used in relation to MP's expenses.

I presume the definition is 'to remove embarrassing, potentially damaging or possibly illegal information from a document'?

Anonymous said...

It would seem they are talking up caravanning Maggie Beckett for Speaker - should be good for local Derbyshire MP Liz Blackman who'll do anything the party says and will therefore vote for her if told by the powers that be after all she has no political judgement of her own.
After all Mrs Blackman who's so reluctant to talk openly about her expenses to the local press(chopping board for £35 - what a chopper eh!) once said early in her days as an elected MP
"I learnt all I need to know about doing my expenses from Margaret Beckett!" hey ho

Anonymous said...

The on-going MP expenses saga has highlighted the recent increase in the interest of redaction and exhibits the growing pressure that organizations are facing with being required to release documents while keeping certain information private.

Being able to redact documents with confidence has become paramount. There have been well documented cases where supposedly redacted documents have been made public and sensitive information has been extracted from the documents. Redaction errors are usually attributed to use of insufficient methods and lack of information provided to users in regard to document security.

There are a number of specifically designed software solutions available which make redacting documents a streamlined process and eliminates common mistakes associated with out-dated redaction methods. Once such product is RapidRedact, their website www.rapidredact.com provides a plethora of redaction information and a demonstration of the software.

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