Wednesday 10 June 2009

Someone who can nail David Cameron...

Now that I have a chance, this is what Labour rebel Graham Allen told Lobbydog after the PLP meeting the other night.

“The cabinet and the parliamentary party had an opportunity to choose someone who was a better communicator, someone that could nail David Cameron and take the argument to the public, but they didn’t choose to take it.”

He said he’d decided to take part in the plot to topple Brown after considering the impact a Tory Government would have on his constituency.

“I’ve been there before, as a Labour MP under a Tory Government, and it’s very difficult to get your voice heard and to get things done.

“Under Labour we’ve been able to build new schools and bring things like the family nurse partnership to Nottingham and that ability is something worth speaking out for.”

He added: “I made my point of view known publicly and I wouldn’t have been able to live with myself had I not. But we are all grown ups here and now this issue is history.

“Gordon made a good speech – he wasn’t vindictive about people not on his side. Now I’ll get back to working hard for the people of Nottingham and I’ll support the Government of the Prime Minister.”

Note that he said he'd support the Government of the Prime Minister, rather than the Prime Minister himself.


Oldrightie said...

Has he been out in the real world lately? Sugar gets a £30 million slush deal, a peerage and who knows what else. The NHS is in financial meltdown, banks ripping the little people off worse than ever. If he is worried about a Conservative Government he shouldn't be, he should be praying for one, the Twat. Also the arrogance that every person in his patch are Labour voters. Did know there was an EU and Council vote last week? Moron.

Anonymous said...

Oldrightie's very rude but then what more should we expect from Tory/UKIP/BNP voters?

Graham Allen has worked very hard for Nottingham with some degree of success. As he says, this would be much harder under a Tory government. We can only hope that the party unite behind GB now or that they replace him quickly so that they still have some chance of beating Oldrightie's lot - and the rest - at the General Election.

Anonymous said...

Graham Allen has worked hard for Nottingham? He is not contactable by email. He lets the City Council run riot without comment or criticism and never takes up City matters as an MP. He is failing Nottingham North. If he believes Gordon Brown is not the best thing for the Country, why give up on his plot. The Country continues to suffer under Brown's inept Leadership - and that includes Nottingham.

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