Thursday 11 June 2009

Vaz stand-off

Mr Vaz and I found ourselves at a security door which required a pass-card to get through – I had mine, but he’d forgotten his.

“Ah, you have your card,” he said. “You can let me out.”

“Of course,” I replied, “how about a comment in return.”


“Come, on,” I waved the pass card around, “something for the readers – they’re your voters.”


Soon two other hacks had gathered for the spectacle and I decided it best to release Vaz.

He might have needed the toilet and the carpets along committee corridor are exquisite.

For the Evening Post Lobby Correspondent's full column pick up the paper tomorrow. I'll link in next week.


Catosays said...

You should never have let him through. If he has no card that's his problem.

Plato said...

He could have been a BNP MEP for heaven's sake!

Anonymous said...

Rules are Rules dog. You aren't meant to hold doors open for others... besides, all passholders must wear their pass at all times. Should have left him there!

Anonymous said...

... yeah, and if he peed himself.... tough.

He's a disagreeable little man.

Anamika said...

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