Tuesday 21 July 2009

Johns housing deal

The local government Johns – that is Denham and Healey (right) – announced proposals for the “biggest transfer of power to councils in a generation” today.

One part sounded particularly interesting – allowing councils to hold on to the housing rent they collect so they can spend it themselves.

Under the current system many have to simply hand over the cash they collect to central Government, meaning they have little power over spending on their own housing stock.

The change proposed by Labour would empower councils, but let’s not forget the system in its current form was honed by Labour in the first place.

They’ve had years to change it, so why come up with proposals now?

Maybe because there no chance a change will happen till after a Labour general election win – i.e. vote for us and keep your housing money.

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BigBossMan said...

Typical cynicism - none of it will ever happen.

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