Tuesday 21 July 2009

Winterton whines

Did anyone hear Sir Nicholas Winterton in Expenses – the MPs' story on Radio 4 just now?

The piece started exploring the lovely view from his office and then went on to him talking about how the last few months had been "hell".

Let's just remind ourselves of what he’s endured.


Perry Neeham said...

The thing that I can never understand about folk like Winterton is not that they are troughers. Their greediness I can understand.

It's that they don't see themselves as troughers - in fact they see themselves as victims.

They are clearly not stupid. So how come they don't understand why people hate (a strong word but quite accurate I'm afraid) them for fiddling taxpayers money?

Oldrightie said...

I see Jimmy's expenses reforms have got nowhere as Parliament disappears for 82 days.

Simon Spurrell said...

I heard his whining and this only added to my opinion that the man should have retired a very long time ago. We have corresponded on many occasions but since his resignation sorry retirement for mis conduct he has for the first time ever failed to respond. 1 nil to me Winterton! (Infinity no comback you corrupt old bastard) Macc will be a million times better off without you!

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