Friday 25 September 2009

Brown wasted months

Mark Todd – the business minded Derbyshire South MP – has never been a cheerleader for the PM.

But he tends to back away from outright criticism, which was why I was surprised at his comments yesterday.

He told Lobbydog that Brown had wasted months on the “Labour investment Vs Tory cuts” debate.

“I don’t think it was helpful taking that original position because I don’t think most of us thought it was credible.

“Repeatedly a number of informed commentators came out and said that what the Government was arguing was not the case.

“It would have been sensible to stop arguing that position – instead three or four months that could have been used discussing where spending cuts might fall were lost.”

He went on to say the PM would have to “think carefully” about his position if things didn’t pick up.

“If it is looking like there is no prospect for recovery then I think he will think carefully for himself about his position.

“I would be surprised if he doesn’t understand the logic of the situation he is in. I think if he doesn’t see significant signs of recovery then I believe he will make a judgement on his own position.”

The MP is stepping down at the end of the year, and so will feel a little freer to speak than some colleagues.

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BigBossMan said...

Good to know that Labour MPs weren't blind to the whole shambles.

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