Thursday 24 September 2009

No longer punching above our weight

Lobbydog returned from his last break of the summer today to find the PM getting palmed-off and slighted by President Obama.

The BBC is reporting that Whitehouse staff turned down repeated requests from Gordon Brown to officially meet Barack Obama this week at the UN.

Obama met the Prime Minister of Japan and the President of Russia, but only spared a few minutes for Brown, apparently in a kitchen.

It is a ‘palming-off’ and a ‘slighting’ because Downing Street officials described talk of the PM being snubbed as "completely unfounded", so we’d better get our semantics right.


Anonymous said...

Welcome back again LD. Holidaying during the Lib Dem conference? As if it wasn't the highlight of the political year.

Richard T said...

Nah - he was in Bournemouth but was enjoying its fleshpots.

Lobbydog said...

Fleshpot? That's something they serve up in Chinese restaurants isn't it?

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