Friday 4 September 2009

Neighbours from hell

Next week Belgian police will try and extradite Laura Newman, a well known show jumper, in connection with a case of horse rustling.

Yes, horse rustling, that thing that happens in cowboy movies.

The Belgians want to talk to Newman, who has jumped with Zara Phillips and is a hopeful for the 2012 Olympics, about a pre-dawn raid at stables near Liege on December 27 last year.

She denies any involvement. What has all this got to do with politics?

It turns out that Miss Newman lives next door to none other than Geoff Hoon, our esteemed former Transport Secretary.

Their street parties must be interesting.


Oldrightie said...

Street parties? Not this lot, buddy. Champagne receptions, yes.

Anonymous said...

Maybe we can form a lynch mob to get Hoon.

Anonymous said...

I have just read that Laura Newman is claiming that she can't remember how she came to have the stolen horses on her yard as she is suffering memory loss after a fall!!!! Because of this they can't extradite her until she undergoes medical tests. I can't believe there taking her excuse seriously!!

Anonymous said...

maybe if you actually knew laura you would realise she didnt do this its the idiot Joan Whetter that seems to be leading her astray. Joan is a nasty piece of work. Get ur facts right her mother lives next door to Geoff Hoon

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