Thursday 29 October 2009

The beast awakens

It seems there may be a backhanded plot to finish off Labour old-timer Dennis Skinner.

The leftie, known as 'the beast of Bolsover', or just 'beast' to his friends, was apparently a bit miffed to discover that work was being done to remove asbestos near his office in the Houses of Parliament.

While other MPs seem to have been evacuated from the area, Skinner was not moved or even told.

All that finger pointing was always going to come back on him one day.


Oldrightie said...

I hate and loathe the stupid little,ignorant shit but I really respect his democraic existence. Take the chip off the sily buggers shoulder and we might even be mates. Invite the prat to a quiet weekend at my place. He would not leave a blind socialist.

Lobbydog said...

I'd actually quite enjoy watching that OR.

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