Tuesday, 27 October 2009

The five hundred to one-ers

Forget about the Miliband brothers, or the tussle between Johnson and Harman – I want to see Esther Rantzen and Joanna Lumley slog it out for the Labour leadership.

The pair of fifty-somethings’ pin-up girls (I bet you like Lumley don’t you OldRightie) are among an elite group of outsiders who are at 500/1 to be the next leader.

They are joined by spin-Dr Alastair Campbell, tax dodger Kitty Ussher, Broxtowe MP Nick Palmer and Blair, that’s Cherie not Tony.

Just on a side note – imagine one Blair as Prime Minister and the other as President of Europe.


Conan the Librarian™ said...

Hey Lobbydog, now I have this image of Joanna's steely gaze facing down rebellious backbenchers whilst fingering the hilt of her kukri...


Oldrightie said...

(I bet you like Lumley don’t you OldRightie)

Bit personal, there youngster! Correct, of course, reminds me of my Mrs Oldrightie, who is some many years younger than Joanna or me! I also suspect the fragrant Joanna is more rightie than leftie. Mrs OR is far too bright to tell me who she supports. However her opinion of Labour is not for the feint hearted.

subrosa said...

I can't believe OldRightie would fancy Joanna Lumley when he has such a delightful wife - or is he telling me porkies.

I felt the hand of history when I read your last sentence and it wasn't a pleasant experience. :)

Prodicus said...

Both 60-somethings, actually.

Anonymous said...

Do me a favour - Rantzen is 70 next year!

Unknown said...

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