Tuesday 27 October 2009

Cameron and Blair

Here is Cameron answering questions on Tony Blair and the EU presidency at his press conference today.

He says he’d rather have someone who was more of a chairman than the “all singing, all dancing” president that Blair would be.

But Bagehot asks whether Cameron really thinks Britain's interests in Europe would be better served by a foreign president than by Blair.

Given that it seems we are going to have a president now, I’d say it’s a question that needs answering.

For example, surely Cameron would have a better chance of sorting out the Common Agricultural Policy with Blair in position.

Admittedly Blair would have only got the presidency with CAP-loving France’s backing, but having a Brit there has to count for something. Doesn’t it?


nemo_sum said...

A Brit perhaps - a traitor and a war criminal? No thanks.

Gordon Brown's Moral Compass Swinger said...

Having prostituted the interests of this country in europe to further his own selfish aims and ambitions, why do you assume that he would be willing to assist with the renegotiation of the CAP?
The reality would be that in an attempt to show himself as a "true" European he is unlikely to make any concessions at all and thereby avoid any accusations of favouritism

Jive5 said...

Say what you will about Tony Blair, even I hated him for going to war, but he is a doer - he's not the type to sit back. It's more likely that he will push through an agenda, whether that will be taking down CAP or whatever, because he's obsessed with getting some sort of legacy.

Unknown said...

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