Wednesday 21 October 2009

CWU lay cards on table

The CWU have just done David Cameron a right old favour.

They claimed Lord Mandelson sabotaged the Royal Mail negotiations to make the unions look bad, because he’s peeved about his part-privatisation plan being shelved.

Which totally blows apart what Gordon Brown said just a couple of hours ago about the strike only being about the “modernisation programme”.

It makes Brown look either out of touch or disingenuous.


Anonymous said...

The trouble with having Mr Mandleson in the "other place" is that he can't be grilled by proper politicians about what he said or means or anything. We can't get our representatives to call him to account.

It's an affront to democracy.

Just as well for him though. He'd be up against Ken Clarke, by anyone's standards a big beast in politics.

Jive5 said...

Mandelson just wants to screw the union. What he's doing is totally underhand and is destabalising Royal Mail to serve his own political ends - despicable.

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