Friday, 23 October 2009

Labour MPs step away

Another East Midlands Labour MP is to announce they are standing down today – that makes six.

They are Pat Hewitt, Leicester West, David Taylor, North West Leicestershire, Mark Todd, South Derbyshire, Alan Simpson, Nottingham South and Bob Laxton, Derby North, who announced he would quit earlier this week.

Later this morning Paddy Tipping, who has been around since 1992, will announce he will step down too.

All of these guys have been around for at least 12 years each, and will be replaced by newbie candidates fighting against the odds.

Their departure is a big loss for Labour, which polls show is hanging on by the skin of its teeth across the region.


BigBossMan said...

Rats from a sinking ship.

subrosa said...

How I wish some of the Scottish ones felt the need to spend more time with their families.

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