Thursday 3 December 2009

Nuclear betrayal

Lobbydog was last night chatting with Archie Ross – an RAF veteran who was on Christmas Island when the Government carried out H-bomb tests in the 50s.

Today the 74-year-old needs surgery every three months to remove skin growing in front of his eyes that he fears will eventually leave him blind.

Meanwhile his daughter Julie, now grown up, was born with a series of deformities including a finger that was 18 inches long, an arm twice the size of an average one and a host of chest problems.

He’s one of a thousand vets experiencing health problems who are fighting for compensation.

In June a judge gave them the green light to sue the MoD, and ordered the ministry to attempt to negotiate a deal with the vets.

But so far they have refused to settle on grounds acceptable to the victims and their families.

As an MoD official put it bluntly last night “we are therefore proceeding to the court of appeal”. Despicable.


Oldrightie said...

Lobbydog, a worthy post. My Oldrightie generation were part of what was meant to be a change within Whitehall and The political elite towards a fairer and more caring Nation. Socialism has been a block to that change far more than a supporter. Now qwe have a New Conservative in the shadow of New labour. Two cheeks of the same .....Only when people wake up and take control again will this failed Elite be changed. It will probably be very uncomfortable.

igorstimac89 said...

It makes you wonder what governments are capable of visiting on their own people and soldiers.

In some cases they treat them worse than they would mortal enemies.

Anonymous said...

And how much would it cost?

What a pile of skankey b******s they are.

Give these poor people the money you shower.

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