Wednesday 2 December 2009

Finally, a fight to watch

Something must have happened at Number 10 this week.

It was as though somebody opened a door in the side of Gordon Brown’s head, climbed in, found the light switch and turned it on.

He dumped his ‘morals’ about not making personal attacks, and launched a withering assault on Cameron the man.

The day started off looking like every other PMQs for months – “your policies have left us in recession, when everyone else is out” Vs “you have no policies; this is what we’ve done that you opposed”.

But then Brown came out with something that took everyone, and Cameron, by surprise.

“The voice maybe that of a modern public relations man, the mindset is that of the 1930s,” said the PM.

It was not a killer blow and it smelt like Brown had only just remembered the pre-prepared line and slipped it in, but it didn’t matter.

An attack on Cameron the slick salesman has been cried out for from the Labour benches. Here it was, and the House came to life.

Cameron defended dismissively, “I think that one must have sounded great in the bunker.”

He then hit back launching a counter attack on Ed Balls that raised the stakes – “you would have thought he would spend more time in his ultra marginal constituency. Perhaps he agrees with us, that the more he meets people the more likely we are to win it.”

Cameron then got back to the old lines. If the PM had responded alike DC might have taken the day.

But the Labour leader, and it feels like a long time since he’s really been that at PMQs, kept his guns firmly on Cameron.

“The more he talks, the less he actually says.”

By this time there was a flood of background noise swirling around the Commons floor, as the pair began to spar over inheritance tax.

Cameron accused Brown of raising the threshold, Brown had the final word.

His attack was essentially an old one – Tories want tax breaks for the few, Labour wants public services for the many. But with the House in the mood it was it scored the point.

“With him and Mr Goldsmith, their inheritance tax policy seems to have been dreamed up on the playing fields of Eton,” he said.

I can’t help but feel that Cameron expected today to be like every other PMQs recently and was caught with his pants down. He has some serious thinking to do if he wants to keep on top of things.

Meanwhile Brown has to prove that this was not a momentary spark and that he can keep the pressure up in this way.

Given that many of the PM’s attacks came from the same ideological ground he’s always fought on, he proved today that often on the Commons floor it’s not so much what you say, but how you say it, that counts.


Gordon Brown's Moral Compass Swinger said...

Lobbydog?...more of a poodle.
So you were impressed with Brown ?
Some might say that referring to Spain as being a member of the G20 in the vain attempt to show that we were not the only the only major economy not to be in recession to be
a) a lie,
b) proof positive that he has lost the plot,
c) evidence that he holds the House and the electorate in contempt
d) all of the above.

I am saddened that you were encouraged by his personal attacks on DC. It is disappointing that you approve of the "Etonian" jibes but I suppose you are typical of Zanu Liebore ..when all else fails get personal.

The only way Brown can see of clinging onto power is to drag politics into the gutter where Brown, Balls et al feel so comfortable.

Anonymous said...

Brown hasn't found a double, has he?

Lobbydog said...

Very fickle, old boy. You only need click on the “Gordon Brown” tag on the right and read one or two past posts to see that your first comment is misinformed.

I neither approve nor disapprove of the mode of Brown’s attack. I do think that it was effective, however, as was also reflected in the mood on both sides of the House.

As for your comments about “dragging politics into the gutter” – that is piffle. Brown's personal attacks on Cameron are an adequate response to Cameron's personal attacks on Brown. (he's lost the plot, out of touch etc)

I’d say that your inability to be objective shows that it is you who would be a lapdog, as opposed to a Lobbydog.

Gordon Brown's Moral Compass Swinger said...

I think there is a world of difference between suggesting that someone has lost the plot / is out of touch and seeking to make political capital out of someone's education. What point exactly was Brown really trying to make?

In your opinion Brown may have been more assertive in his responses at pmqs (or more polished in the delivery of his script) but the fact remains that, as ever, he avoids answering the questions and spouts utter drivel. (Spain in the G20..yerrrr right!)

His reference to Cameron's education is contemptible....when all else fails fall back on social sterotyping and seek to create divisions in society by labeling the opposition as toffs (while conveniently glossing over the number of millionaire socialists and oxbridge graduates sitting on the government benches.)

It shows the paucity of his arguments. He knows he is banged to rights over boom and bust, being well placed to get out of recession etc . Claims he had made in the past that now appear laughable.
But hey, never mind, let's call Cameron a toff. Perhaps all those out of work will rally to the red flag..can't have an educated rich bastard as pm can we?

Anonymous said...

Very eloquently put Mr compass!

I too have been concerned by the recent conversion of Lobbydog to the left!

Jive5 said...

Pointing out Cameron went to Eton IS saying he is out of touch you muppet. Sounds like today really rattled your cage.

Gordon Brown's Moral Compass Swinger said...

Rattled? Au contraire mon brave.
It is vaguely amusing to note the excitement of some folks simply because Gordon remembered his script at pmq's.

In some respects though you are right though, going to Eton does mean he is out of touch ......with the lousy edukashun wot godum haz give to the wukkers.

All that money "invested" in education and the numbers of children leaving school unable to read and write at record levels. You must be very proud.

Ooooh the politics of envy, dontcha just luvit?

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