Monday 15 March 2010

Another Labour retirement?

Rumours are swirling around that another Labour MP in Nottingham will announce he is standing down at the election.

Nottingham East MP John Heppell – a Labour whip – is said to be strongly considering the move.

Heppell has been around in the Commons since 1992 when he won his seat from the Conservative incumbent.

If the rumours turn out to be true he will join a string of Labour MPs from Nottinghamshire that say they’ve had enough.

Nottingham South’s Alan Simpson, Sherwood’s Paddy Tipping and Ashfield’s Geoff Hoon are all calling it a day. Meanwhile Mansfield’s Alan Meale is also said to be considering retirement.

If Meale and Heppell do stand down then that’s five out of eight Labour MPs in the city and county who will be retiring.


Catosays said...

Tell me....why does Nottingham need so many MPs?
It's not that big a city.

Lobbydog said...

Three are in Nottingham. The rest are in Nottinghamshire. The city and county has ten MPs all together - eight Labour, two Tories (Ken Clarke and Patrick Mercer).

Catosays said...

Ta muchly

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