Friday 12 March 2010


I’ve blogged in the past about how Labour chiefs have stymied Parliamentary reform.

But they’ve now come up with the ultimate way to stick two-fingers up at attempts to modernise the Commons – bringing in more members of the Vaz family.

Valerie Vaz, sister of Keith, is on a shortlist of potential candidates for Walsall South, which brings an 8,000 vote majority with it.

The shortlist has been the subject of controversy in Walsall where local party members are miffed that it seems to have been manipulated by party chiefs wanting to lever in a favoured candidate.

As one writes: “I feel woefully let down by the democratic process in the party. We have to renew ourselves as a fully democratic party…”

Stories like this are repeating themselves again and again around the country.

But putting aside the irritation of the sidelined Labour grass roots, can you imagine two Vazes (or Vazi?) on the benches of the Commons?


Oldrightie said...

Nepotism and patronage ruled over by back room deals and Union support.

Null said...

This is so delicious. Incredible that the high command are blind to how unpopular Vaz is around the country. Nothing changes with the Labour party.

Richard T said...

Should I happen to be a Labour voter in Leicester East, I would agitating for the introduction of the single transferrable vote so I could vote for other candidates but not the honourable member in question.

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