Friday 26 March 2010

Heppell stands down...

It turns out that rumours going round about John Heppell’s future as an MP were true.

The Labour whip and Nottingham East MP will stand down at the election after his wife was diagnosed with breast cancer.

We’re so close to polling day now that there won’t be time to have a full selection contest.

Labour's National Executive Committee (NEC) may simply select a shortlist for local members to have a quick vote on or they may simply thrust someone in.

Nottingham Labour people have already spoken to LD warning that the NEC should not attempt to parachute someone in.


Anonymous said...

They'll impose/parachute someone in just like they did with John Heppell after the previous PPC said something the party chiefs did not like. No doubt it will be another woman so that the East Midlands can have its 40% quota. Or has the Ashfield reaction, partly to do with a high profile contender, scared them off? What a shambles.

Anonymous said...

It's always sad to hear someone diagnosed with cancer. I wish Mrs Heppell well.

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