Monday 29 March 2010

LD readers move against Hewitt...

Last week readers of this blog called for a campaign to convince companies employing Pat Hewitt to dump her.

The calls came after it emerged that Hewitt had won a fifth board-room appointment, this time with Eurotunnel – she already works for Boots, BT, Cinven and Barclays Capital.

That is despite her appearance in the TV programme that blew open the “lobbygate” scandal.

Your comments were picked up by The Independent who yesterday reported how letters had already started to find their way to at least one of Hewitt’s employers.

What a pro-active bunch you are.

Eurotunnel didn’t exactly seem rocked to the core by the threat of the letter writing campaign.

But a spokesman admitted to LD today that it would, in the end, be shareholders who decided Hewitt’s fate at a vote on May 26.

So keep writing I say. The more letters that are written the more likely it is that they will have an impact.


Anonymous said...

Excellent. The woman has no judgement. They only want her because she can open doors. And, I'm not sure that she can even do that any more. I doubt anyone wants to be seen anywhere near her.....

Well done though. Let's make sure she doesn't get any more directorships. I want to write something on this too in Munguin's Republic. I hope you won't mind if I link it to here?

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Amazing. The lady has no judgment. They just need her since she can open entryways. What's more, I don't know if she might in fact do that any longer. I question anybody needs to be seen even close to her. Airport transfers Swansea

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