Friday 23 April 2010

Politics or cake?

I’ll keep this quick because you’ve no doubt been pumped full of analysis by now.

After the debate last night I was presented with the choice of either writing a blog post or having a glass of wine and home-made blueberry muffin and so found myself politically apathetic all of a sudden.

However, watching the leaders knock chunks off each other was immensely more fun than the first debate.

Cameron did much better, enough to get him back in the lead, but only just. He didn’t shine. Meanwhile Clegg held out well, sometimes against a pretty intense joint-offensive from the other two.

Without a doubt for me the most improved performance was from Brown.

He managed to capture some of the gravitas that has often eluded him so far – he appeared substantial and was aggressive. I thought his closing statement was arguably the strongest.

As for who won overall, I would honestly call it a score draw. It sets it up beautifully for the last round which is on BBC and so might attract a bigger audience too.

Let’s see if that Clegg effect lasts another week.


Anonymous said...

I don't honestly think that "Get real Nick" suggests gravitas.

But to be fair he had a rough time from the people at Sky. I imagine on orders from the top some of the questions were pretty biased and the cut offs when Cameron was speaking were to people sitting nodding, and when Brown was speaking to a man yawning. OKI. I don't blame the man, but it did look set up.

But I guess he will get his own back and win the next one.

Gareh said...

Brown looked most uncomfortable and telegraphed his burning desire to use some rehearsed lines very badly.

Depressingly that makes him look the most 'normal' of the three. The other two came across as the kind of salesman Watchdog like to expose.

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